After some deep thought and conversation, Auntie Viv’s has decided to go on hiatus after 12/31/20 until further notice.

Due to the current pandemic, we are no longer able to sustain the business as before.

We are truly touched and blessed by all the support we have received from our Ohana Fans over the past 3 years.

We hope to be back by 2022.

We have closed the ordering window.

If we are able to take additional orders, we will post it on here.

Mahalo nui loa for all of your support of our small business!

Aloha for now,
Auntie Viv

About Us

Brandt Family on Haleakala

Auntie Viv’s Shave Ice is a woman-owned, family run business where everyone is welcomed and treated like ohana (family)!

Vivian, her husband Bill and their two young keiki’s, daughters Chloe and Ella, visited Maui for the first time in 2017. Vivian fell in love at “first taste” with her very first Hawaiian shave ice. How she describes this phenomenon: “It literally was like a deliciously flavored, puffy cloud that instantly melted in my mouth and tasted like liquid gold.” Vivian says, “It was the best epicurean experience ever.”

Upon returning to the mainland, Vivian had her sights set on opening her own shave ice business. Vivian didn’t want to serve the typical crunchy, icy, sno-cone, with gross high fructose corn syrups and artificially flavored/colored syrups. Auntie Viv’s prides itself in their handcrafted syrups that are made with real, natural, ingredients and 100% pure cane sugar.

Shortly after starting the business, Vivian added in her now famous Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Snack Mix.

The Press

  •   They were at a swim meet in Pleasant Hill...This is as authentic it gets for Hawaiian Shaved Ice with out going to Hawaii. Great pruduct and they make there own fruit base syrups.

    thumb Manny E.
  •   Really chill and personable people. Laughed with us and cracked jokes. Nice and toasty shaved ice as well.

    thumb Darius H.
  •   Sign them UP!! Best investment for my daughters first birthday party.  Both children and adults loved it, there was a line the entire time and everyone was very happy.  Autie Viv is as sweet as her shaved ice and she really puts her heart into her product.  I was so pleased with the taste, service, price, all of it.  Can't wait to use them again!

    thumb Amy R.
  •   I found Auntie Viv's Shave Ice at the Wednesday Santana Row Farmer's Market and fell head over heals.

    The minimal time I've spent in Hawaii was full of mostly me shave ice hopping around Honolulu in between meals and beach time and it.was.glorious. Auntie Viv's took me right back.

    I ordered the small size for $6 (which still looked massive) and chose the mango, guava, and passionfruit flavors and was mighty happy with my decision, though next time I think I'll probably just go for mango and passionfruit because I like the stronger, zippier flavors.

    The woman working the front of the tent was so so so sweet and everyone working inside looked full of love and like they were having a great time, even though I was the only one at their booth at the time. My shave ice came up pretty quickly and a really nice man handed it to me and said that if I wanted more syrup to just let him know. And I know it sounds like just good customer service but he was so warm and said it so thoughtfully that I wanted them to adopt me and then I could just move into their booth and I dunno. Feel loved and eat shave ice, I guess. Which is really all we can hope for in life.

    Anyway... my order was beyond outstanding. I walked back to my car and two people stopped me to tell me how they liked my 'look' and one was a supremely fashionable woman so I know I was looking fly AF and I can't help but give at least half credit to the massive shave ice order I was basking in.

    thumb Carl F.
  •   I decided to check out Auntie Viv's Shave Ice after hearing about it and I thought it'd be a good business to have at our school carnival. I hadn't tried it before but I was able to get them to come. They do fundraisers and said they'd donate a portion to the school. They arrived on time and were ready to serve. And boy did they deliver! Their line was flowing continuously at least 20 people deep for 3+ hours until they sold out and they were all working so hard. They kept on smiling and worked as fast as they could for the many, many customers. It looked like they kept everyone happy and all the kids and parents were enjoying their shave ice everywhere I looked.

    They had three different sizes including a "keiki" size for the kiddos. All their syrups are made with real fruit. I could definitely taste the difference, especially because I could see real strawberries in the syrup that was on my shave ice. The shave ice was perfect, just as it should be. Definitely Hawaiian style. They had all the options you'd want including ice cream, azuki, mochi, li hing powder and snow cap. They even offered furikake Chex mix. I'd highly recommend as real Hawaiian shave ice is hard to find out here and this is legit. Thanks guys!

    thumb Stacey C.
  •   Definitely the best Shave Ice I've had since visiting Hawaii. The ice is so light and fluffy and the syrups are delicious. I can't wait to try all the flavors and the scoop of ice cream at the bottom is an extra treat.

    thumb Jennifer R.


Vivian Brandt a.k.a Auntie Viv

(925) 236-0085