Experience the flavors of the islands with Hawaiian Style Shave Ice made with sweet homemade syrups and fluffy, delicate snow and Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Snack Mix and Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Seasoning.

Auntie Viv’s can be found at select events in the Bay Area and is available for catering for small to large private events and corporate events.

Our syrups are handmade with only the finest ingredients of real fruit and 100% pure cane sugar. Our syrups are free of high fructose corn syrup, dairy, fat and gluten friendly. Our Shave Ice Artists will ensure your guests will experience the Aloha Spirit with Auntie Viv’s!

What is Shave Ice?

“Shave Ice” or “Hawaiian Shave Ice” (not Shaved Ice with a “D”) is a fluffy and snow-like, sweet, cool and refreshing Hawaiian treat.  Ice is finely shaved and then syrups are poured and absorbed into the soft snow. Whereas sno-cones are ground up ice cubes that have a coarse and “crunchy” texture.

Hawaiian shave ice is traditionally served with a scoop of ice cream on the bottom, a drizzle of a sweetened condensed milk mixture called “snow cap”, topped with fresh, soft and chewy homemade pieces of mochi.

About Us

Brandt Family on Haleakala

Auntie Viv’s is a woman-owned, family run business where everyone is welcomed and treated like ohana (family)!

Vivian, her husband Bill and their two young keiki’s, daughters Chloe and Ella, visited Maui for the first time in 2017. Vivian fell in love at “first taste” with her very first Hawaiian shave ice. How she describes this phenomenon: “It literally was like a deliciously flavored, puffy cloud that instantly melted in my mouth and tasted like liquid gold.” Vivian says, “It was the best epicurean experience ever.”

Upon returning to the mainland, Vivian had her sights set on opening her own shave ice business. Vivian didn’t want to serve the typical crunchy, icy, sno-cone, with gross high fructose corn syrups and artificially flavored/colored syrups. Auntie Viv’s prides itself in their handcrafted syrups that are made with real, natural, ingredients and 100% pure cane sugar.

Shortly after starting the business, Vivian added in her now famous Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Snack Mix and Auntie Viv’s Artisan Seasoning.

Natural Syrups (handcrafted with real fruit/natural ingredients):

  • Kona Cold Brew
  • Mango
  • Matcha
  • Passion Fruit
  • Pineapple
  • POG (Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava)
  • Strawberry
  • Thai Tea

Traditional Syrups (made from syrup concentrates and real cane sugar):

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cherry
  • Pina Colada
  • Root Beer
  • Sour Apple

A “Rainbow” is composed of Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada and Cherry

Handcrafted Hybrid of Natural & Traditional Syrups:

  • Haupia (Creamy Coconut)

… More to Come

Our Deluxe Shave Ice Package, plus a selection of shave ice specials which include alcohol

Catering Only
(ID’s will be checked)

  • Pina Colada
    Premium Vanilla or Macapuno Ice Cream, Pina Colada Syrup with Rum, whipped cream & a cherry on top.
  • Mint Mojito
    Premium Macapuno or Vanilla Ice Cream, Mint Mojito Syrup with rum, whipped cream and a mint garnish
  • Mango Margarita
    Mango Syrup with Sweet & Sour and Tequila with a sprinkle of Tajin
  • Lava Flow
    Premium Macapuno Ice Cream, Pineapple Syrup with Malibu Rum, whipped cream, Strawberry Coulis, and fresh garnish of pineapple & strawberry
  • Hawaiian Russian
    Premium Vanilla Ice Cream, Kona Cold Brew Syrup with Kahlúa, whipped cream & a chocolate drizzle
  • Lemon Drop
    Premium Vanilla Ice Cream, Lemon Syrup with vodka, whipped cream & yellow sugar sprinkles
  • Rum Punch: aka “Bougie Jungle Juice”
    Premium Macapuno or Vanilla Ice Cream, POG Syrup with rum, whipped cream & a cherry on top

…more to come!

  • Li Hing Mui Powder
  • Made-From-Scratch Mochi Pieces
  • Tajin
  • Snow Cap
  • Premium Macapuno (Coconut) Ice Cream
  • Premium Vanilla Ice Cream

Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Snack Mix

This deliciously popular, highly addictive snack mix is a sweet, salty, crunchy, mixture of cereal and snack items that is covered in a caramel glaze, sprinkled with Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Seasoning and baked with love! Available in various size packages.

We offer two versions of Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Snack Mix; our original version, and now we offer Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Chip Mix, which uses kettle style potato chips and is gluten free!

Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Seasoning

Furikake is Japanese spice blend made with toasted seaweed, toasted black and white sesame seeds, salt and sugar. Use on rice, veggies, French fries, popcorn, fish or avocado toast! The ideas are endless! Vegan and Gluten-free.

The Press

  •   Came for the shave ice, stayed for the furikake!! The savory furikake snack mix that Viv and family create is the most addictive and delicious snack. When we visit we almost always stop to grab a bag (or two) and my family regularly buys us bags as gifts because they know how much we love it. Pro tip- buy the furikake seasoning and add it to EVERYTHING!

    thumb Alicia R.
  •   One of the best shaved ice's I've had. No, this is not your typical shaved ice you get at the mall but this is more like the quality shaved ice that you get what you pay for.

    Our friend hired auntie Viv's to cater for her birthday party this past weekend. Friendly staff and I can tell they care about the shaved ice they are giving to their customers. This was my first time trying shaved ice from this vendor and it did not disappoint. The presentation, consistency of the ice, syrups, and the toppings were perfect. Will definitely give them another try if I run into them at a pop up event.

    thumb Ray P.
  •   I was finally able to try their shave ice. It's a must! It just melts in your mouth and the flavors are on point. Great service and friendly staff.

    thumb Lizzeth G.
  •   After a too-long COVID hiatus, we were thrilled to celebrate Auntie Viv's return to the shave ice circuit at the Dublin St. Patrick's Day festival. Using homemade natural syrups and old-school Hawaiian shave ice techniques and equipment, you can be sure that the ice is pillowy and soft, the syrups are colorful and full of flavor, and the add-ins are authentic.
    Viv has continued to provide her furikake snack mix during the holiday season, and it has made me MANY friends with coworkers who received a bag (quick tip to ingratiate your boss to you - give them this mix).
    I'm so excited that Viv is scheduled to participate in our end-of-school school event/fundraiser!

    thumb Erin S.
  •   First off, Viv is such a beautiful person. This is a family owned business at its finest. All the care and thoughtfulness shows through the ingredients and presentation. The flavors of the shaved ice is out of this world! So crisp and delicious. My favorite is the furikake snack mix! So crunchy, sweet and savory with freshness! Visit Auntie Viv at many events or hire her for you special event. She will make the event with this deliciousness but VIv is an amazing person!

    thumb Jessyca E.
  •   Shaved ice is HUGE and amazing!!! Don't forget to grab some furikake snack mix, as well. You won't want to put the bag down!

    thumb Rebekah Z.


Vivian Brandt a.k.a Auntie Viv

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