Aloha Auntie Viv’s Ohana Fans!

In 2020, we had to place the business on a temporary hiatus due to the pandemic. We are so grateful for all the emails, text messages and phone calls expressing your support and want for Auntie Viv’s return.

We are excited to announce that the time has come! We are re-launching the business and will kick off with Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Snack Mix and Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Seasoning. Pre-Orders for the holiday season will be taken through Monday, 12/5/22! See below for more info.

Auntie Viv’s will kick off the Shave Ice season in Spring 2023! We will be focusing on catering only for 2023 with a select few large events.

We are so excited to be back!

Mahalo nui loa,
Auntie Viv

Limited Time!
Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Snack Mix
and Seasoning
Pre-Order Sale

For a limited time only, Auntie Viv’s will have their Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Snack Mix, Gluten Free Snack Mix and Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Seasoning for sale!
Pre-Orders for the holiday season will be taken through Monday, 12/5/22! Orders will begin to ship mid-November and before Christmas.
Due to supply chain issues and limited availability of ingredients, orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis (paid in full). After you complete the Pre-Order Form, you will receive an email with a quote for the product and S&H.  Remittance of payment will confirm your order.
To place your order, please complete the Pre-Order Form.
Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Snack Mix will be produced on a seasonal basis at this time until (hopefully) the supply chain issues improve.

About Us

Brandt Family on Haleakala

Auntie Viv’s is a woman-owned, family run business where everyone is welcomed and treated like ohana (family)!

Vivian, her husband Bill and their two young keiki’s, daughters Chloe and Ella, visited Maui for the first time in 2017. Vivian fell in love at “first taste” with her very first Hawaiian shave ice. How she describes this phenomenon: “It literally was like a deliciously flavored, puffy cloud that instantly melted in my mouth and tasted like liquid gold.” Vivian says, “It was the best epicurean experience ever.”

Upon returning to the mainland, Vivian had her sights set on opening her own shave ice business. Vivian didn’t want to serve the typical crunchy, icy, sno-cone, with gross high fructose corn syrups and artificially flavored/colored syrups. Auntie Viv’s prides itself in their handcrafted syrups that are made with real, natural, ingredients and 100% pure cane sugar.

Shortly after starting the business, Vivian added in her now famous Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Snack Mix.

The Press

  •   Late review- was able to purchase the "bucket o crack snacks", aka the furikake snack mix, before Auntie Viv closed up (temporarily). Best birthday gift I ever bought myself, plus I shared with so many friends! Kids that didn't like seaweed devoured a bag full within minutes. Fellow islanders tasted some of home. Can't wait for her to open back up, she is truly Ohana!!

    thumb Ash A.
  •   SUMMARY: Met Vivian, the sweetest lady you'll ever meet at a pop up show outside of Cali Craft a few weekends back. We got her Furikake Cracker Mix. So delicious!

    I'm probably spelling it incorrectly but it's a type of fried, seasoned topping for rice. Viv uses it to season Japanese style rice cracker mix. Holy goodness, this stuff was attic five. I tried not to sample it at her stand, but her charming personality convinced me like a Jedi mind trick.

    Sorry no pics of the packaging or the crackers, but trust me it was pretty darn good. Highly recommend you at least sample, but gotta warn you that you'll buy a bag or two!

    thumb Bob K.
  •   Yummy, authentic shave ice! According to my son, it tastes "100x better than Hawaii!"

    thumb Amanda S.
  •   I had Auntie Viv's at my brother's birthday party, and it was absolutely AMAZING!! This is the real deal, legit Hawaiian shaved ice, not snow cone stuff you get at other places. I absolutely loved that the syrups, which are naturally flavored and not "over the top" sugar sweetened syrup. The homemade mochi was delicious!!! I loved that the whole family is involved and they enjoy what they do. Service with a smile, even in 90+degree weather  Mahalo!!

    thumb Natalie G.
  •   Had the pleasure of trying Auntie Viv's today at a party in San Jose. Wow!  Great stuff and great people. I was impressed by the selection and quality. Thanks for a memorable and tasty experience.

    thumb Karl P.
  •   My first time trying this at a birthday party and was NOT disappointed! Reminds me of local shave ice back at home in Hawaii! Ono flavors and mochi, red bean, and ice cream was awesome!!

    thumb Carlene D.


Vivian Brandt a.k.a Auntie Viv

(925) 236-0085