Auntie Viv's Artisan Furikake Snack Mix and Seasoning Pre-Order Form

 Warning: Auntie Viv’s Furikake Mix is highly addictive! 

Auntie Viv’s makes the deliciously popular, highly addictive, sweet and salty, crunchy, Hawaiian snack mix called Furikake Snack Mix.

Furikake is a Japanese seasoning made with seaweed, sesame seeds, salt and sugar.

Makes great gifts for the neighbors, teachers, co-workers and YOU! Serve at your next get-together. But trust me, you won’t want to share!!

Limited Quantities!

Due to supply chain issues and limited availability of ingredients, orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis (paid in full). After you complete the Pre-Order Form, you will receive an email with a quote for the product and S&H.  Remittance of payment will confirm your order.