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Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Snack Mix

A blend of breakfast cereal & snack items, covered in our made-from-scratch caramel glaze & Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Seasoning. This salty & sweet snack mix is highly addictive which makes this popular Hawaiian Snack a crowd pleaser!

Photo Credit: @atasteof.grace

Auntie Viv’s Artisan Furikake Seasoning

Furikake Seasoning is a Japanese spice blend made with dried seaweed (nori), toasted black and white sesame seeds, salt and sugar. Use on rice, veggies, popcorn French Fries, fish or avocado toast! Vegan & Gluten-free.


Photo Credit: @atasteof.grace


Vivian Brandt a.k.a Auntie Viv

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